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policy toward latin america with a political science professor. and then a conversation on the future of the hybrid and electric car industry. "washington journal" is next. . . . the president's efforts to give the economy on track. that is this morning from "the washington post." the report breaking this morning about a plane crashed in the route, "the new york times" online have the story about the airplane crashing near beirut in stormy weather. officials said that 82 passengers and eight crew members were on board. we will update the information as we get it. ruth, democratic line. caller: i am not quite sure if we ever did what we were promising. to try and help people who were in trouble with their mortgages. i think that we took the wrong approach to begin with. so many people that were out of their homes. the fact ripples through the economy. -- the of fact ripples through the economy. let's help -- bethe effedctct te riffles through the economy. if the loan was renegotiated to what it was really worth, they can afford it, but the communication that happening. ho
and we will talk to jason deparle about poverty in america and the economy. from the nation's capital, this is " washington journal." host: the supreme court ruled 5- 4 to allow corporations to spend as much as the want to support or oppose individual candidates. the ruling is likely to also allow labor unions to send unlimited funds. the justices kept in place, though, a century old ban on corporate donations directly to any one candidate. let us kickoff today's " washington journal" talking about the supreme court decision. the phone lines -- send us a tweet at c-spanwj or e-mail us at "the washington post" on this story. the court also overturned a ban on corporations and unions airing campaign ads in the 30 days before primary and 60 days before a general election. also in "the washington post" this morning they talk about the reaction on capitol hill. inside "the washington post" its quotes senator charles schumer -- bound to push for new restrictions on corporate political spending, including limits for companies with government contracts, sharehold
to america by the end of the year. but i don't think he did enough for us who are unemployed. he gave no remarks, no speech, anything about helping us who are running out of unemployment. he did not talk about helping us to extend these unemployment benefits for all of us who are running out. a lot of us will become homeless. host: what caller: did you do i was a maintenance engineer. host: he focused a lot on it jobs -- and what are you worried about? good luck. next, antonio, an independent. caller: yes, i want to say something about mr. obama last night. the speech was mediocre, same song. i hope the people in this country realize the condition this country is in. forget the war, there is one song in italia that says [ quality and italian words] -- america is a beautiful country. no one can beat us, and if we want we can do. we need to thrive these things going on in the washington for so many years. they don't care for the everyday people. host: antonio says words, words, words. there is a project at the university that keeps all kinds of statistics on presidential speeches. about
, massachusetts, dee dee on the independent line. caller: good morning, american. -- america. i'm an independent who voted for scott brown and i responded to his message pretty much of stop the madness. what i'm seeing now is really frightening me because as soon as he won, you saw the big machines starting to move into place -- the media machines, political machines. you see late night talk-show host trashing him and making fun of him, and those clips being replayed over and over. give the man a chance. i think the people of massachusetts responded to this message and as soon as his message, stop the madness, got him elected now you see people putting spin. the republican leadership trying to exploit his win, the democratic leadership reviling his win and trying to explain it away. you see all the pundits -- it letterman, olbermann, and the republican side, glenn beck, making fun of them. give him a chance, i am pleading with people. thank you so much. go, scott brown. host: "the new york times" reported that john boehner has hired a former top adviser to the house republicans in 1994, barry ja
and the democratic party. and i think it is a really good thing that america is waking up, that they are seeing through this because of the tyrannical dictatorships, the way that nancy pelosi and harry reid are trying to push through this against the will of the american people. but if mr. brown loses the election, jamming down health care down the throats of the american people is nothing compared to what they are going to do. they will find some crisis, some way that they will continue to keep the power and before we know it we will have a hammer and sickle for a flag over the white house. host: on the republican line, joining us from san francisco. caller: good morning. it is a wonderful morning when we can have massachusetts, a historical state, help us, the american people to fight back what we see here. we have been so betrayed, we feel. the nation is in a mess. we all know what happened when we went into this financial crisis. we know that president clinton put out a lot -- that he change what existed in the banking system. and there he put in larry summers to deregulate everything. that
it is why america is coming under attack from osama bin laden. if use of his statement of the weekend saying again that he is attacking america because it is america that created israel. host: would you cut anything else besides that? caller: no, it is the biggest problem we have right now. host: obama to seek spending freeze to trim deficit, a three- year proposal. pentagon is among those exempt. they going to talk about all the politics in a book of the times" -- they say that the initiative holds risk as well as potential benefit because mr. obama plans to exempt military spending while leaving many popular domestic programs vulnerable. naples, fla., a republican caller. caller: he ought to start at home. his wife has more people working for her than any of the president's wife. the spinning she does i think it's horrible. he does not give it our troops to support. we need those troops. host: "the times" goes on to read that the government spending is out of control, could to been to his loss of support among independent supporters. the concern could put upward pressure on interest rates
on one of the talk-radio shows on wtkk in boston. it definitely is time for change in america. we just cannot afford the health care bill. a lot of president obama's policies are just unsustainable. they are just totally upsetting many of the americans that vote regularly. i think is definitely time for change. i think change has come to america thanks to ted kennedy's seat here in boston. host: was there a moment in the race or the campaign or a statement or anything that turned you in the direction of scott brown? as an independent, all eyes have been on folks like you. caller: for many years now, i changed from being a lifelong democrat here in boston. martha coakley, i think she just proved -- we love our red sox and she has no clue who curt schilling is or was. there was no doubt in my mind for the past year that i was going to vote in my mind for scott brown. i knew that he would probably run for the seat because there was nobody else to replace ted kennedy. i think it is just everything that could have gone right did go right this time around, and hopefully scott brown comes thr
into it america. host: from the "washington post". few calls back a caller referd for the u.s. to pull for full body scanners at foreign airports. the u.s. government will urge for getting of all body imaging scanners to detect objects held beneath people's clothing. announcement came thursday that there were detailed failures and security gaps that were undercovered in the december 25th issue. the "washington post" has a graphic detailing how, in their view intelligence is supposed to work. where the dots are supposed to be connected and who is supposed to do what. you can find this at "washington post".com or buy a copy of the paper for the full graph. over here they talk about how the list works. the list is called the terrorist identities data mark environment list and that starts here. there's 550,000 names on that. then from there, hit goes to terrorism watch list with $400,000 names. every evening terrorists identities data mark environment dumps what it deems most important into a separate data base at the fbi run terrorist screening list. think used to determine who is not allowed to o
know that we will not here this weekend, there contract of america. as the year goes along, republicans will develop the national themes that their candidate's can use, district by district this fall. host: that is the headline in this morning's "politico," talking about a contract with america to point out. obama is to detail a payroll tax credit this morning, what is he expected to say on that? caller: that is the other piece of his visit, something that he touched on in the state of the union, a $33 billion program if it gets enacted by congress, assuming congress passes it this year, a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee that a business hires. there would be tax benefits the companies that increase wages or hours for existing employees. this is an attempt to encourage companies that might be on the fence to think about hire more workers and do it. the white house says that the benefit would be retroactive to the first of january if approved and it would only apply to hiring that takes place this year. host: we wrote a story yesterday that talks about the retreat and why they ta
to feel how the rest of america used to feel. host: connecticut, on our independent line, go ahead. caller: what i learned yesterday was democracy in action. if that was a boxing match, president obama 113 rounds. ford simple -- won 13 rounds. i am a fiscal conservative. he called of frank luntz and said it is good to have good talking points on different policies but you cannot throw out jobs. they have to work together. that was amazing. i had never seen anything like it. i watched it on c-span yesterday. i watched it this morning. thank you for everything you do for cspan. host: if you missed the re-air on this, you could go to our website, little rock, arkansas, and arab democrats line -- on our democrats line, what did you learn from yesterday? caller: i already knew that the president was sharp. i already knew that he loved his country and cared about this country and wanted to do the best he could. what i did learn is that many of the things that republicans say are talking points. i knew -- i knew that the to see him respond to it was a good thing. america needs to see
in 1995 and is far less so now, as there are so many people in the muslim world that are mad at america. very few muslims hate americans for being americans. in terms of airports, the watch word is not a silver bullet. if anything, this gentleman in detroit was a rank amateur. had he been a professional, it would not have the nabobs of job. for americans to somehow think that we have a great system to protect them, i think that is wrong. i think sometimes i wonder why we spend so much attention on the aircraft and system when we have 3000 or 4,000 miles of open sea borders. host: going back to your comment from a moment ago about the u.s. killing al qaeda one of the time, what should we do, does that mean a bigger military presence in places like yemen? guest: we are at the drawing board. we have not progressed since 9/11. we are fighting an enemy that basically does not exist. the american people, for the last four presidents, continued to tell americans that we are fighting an enemy that is motivated by hatred for freedom and our liberties. women in the workplace. liquor after the wor
to america for a better life. you have to get this notion of america. americans are suffering. i voted for barack obama. but this not -- this does not mean i will vote for the next republican. i will vote for the next republican against him if he does not address this issue. this is not an attack against immigrants. this is not an attack to keep them out of this country. but why are they coming here? host: you may want to stay around. we will talk about immigration 40 minutes from now. we are going to look at where the policy is standing, and what the congress is doing in the next year or so. we will talk with a representative of the american immigration council. this is at 7:45 eastern. we will take the phone calls on immigration. we have an independent on the line from florida. caller: thank you for taking my call and happy new year. i feel like the gentleman. i want to see manufacturing brought back to the country. i want to see more people taking an interest in the economy. host: what you think about this issue? what are your thoughts? caller: we have to give incentives to the comp
for everyone in america. we got home ownership, providing mortgages to people that could not afford to repay, which became a source of the problem. ceo's of my companies have said that 2009 was one of the toughest years of their lives. some of them have simply gone. but they are working to rebuild this economy and that is what it is badly all about. host: what firms do you represent? guest: state farm, bankamerica, jpmorgan chase, all of the way to bancorp south by and mississippi. companies that are -- bancorp south in mississippi. companies that are national and ones that are more local. host: this complaint from viewers and voters about pay, what you find? guest: pay and compensation has changed radically in the last year, but you would not know it because it is not being reported on. but it has changed a lot to reflect long-term performance. host: the next call comes from california. caller: the man that you have on there is a liar. host: if you have something to say or ask, that is fine. but to call someone a liar is out of bounds. san antonio, good morning. caller: how is everyone? hos
of the poor in haiti. i'm a republican, easy for me to say to keep the money in america but your heart has to go out to these people. but we have been trying to solve the problems of the there for about 150 years. after all, the dominican republic flourishes and haiti has just been terrible. but at this time, that discussion has to be set aside and money and our hearts go out to these people. host: have you contributed? how'd it go about doing it? caller: american red cross. online, write to the red cross. host: the mind telling us how much and was it easy to do? do you trust the red cross? caller: the red cross may not be the best resource over there, but it is the one i'm familiar with and i know when i send my money to the red cross it gets to the right place. host: there is a headline related to private donations. it says -- oneç newspaper notes the red cross has been able to raise about $5 million in $10 donations by texting to them. a also more on donations this morning in the newspapers -- companies efficiently pour out $60 million to help haiti. that is also "usa today" in the mo
to dealing with what is best for america, i do not think that the parties and racism, conservatism and all of these things, i do not think that they willÑi have anything. obama is looking at what is best for the country. health care, protecting our borders, doing the things that america expects a president to do. host: let's leave it there. these officials said that there are no plans to appoint an official house senate committee in conference. under the customary format, "a committee chairman is appointed with senior lawmakers from both parties in houses, participating in a perfunctory public meetings while meaningful negotiations occur behind closed doors. in this case the plan is to skip close meat -- the plan is to skip the perfunctory meetings. in this case, a 60 votes senate majority would be required to advance a final package. "i look forward to working with members of the house, the senate and president obama to reconcile our bills and send the final legislation to the president's desk as soon as possible," nancy pelosi said laced -- late last year." south carolina, go ahead. cal
. for the chief executive at jpmorgan chase, the chief executive at goldman sachs, bank of america, and morgan stanley, that is good news as they prepare for their 9:00 a.m. appearance." john, what would you ask the bankers today? caller: probably 20 different questions. what i would start with would be for the chief of goldman sachs. if this free market that they are operating under and bundling securities, passing them off to unsuspected folks, if they were so wonderful how is it that they bet against the success of those as this moved down the tracks? they knew that this would fail. goldman sachs was the biggest culprit according to the article from "the new york times." that would be my question. host: thanks a lot. colorado, your questions for the bankers? what would they be? caller, turned down the sound, if you can. cathy, are you there? caller: yes. host: turn down the sound before you speak. caller: absolutely. host: what would you ask? caller: how can they sleep at night, having done what they did? host: we need you to turn down the sound. caller: yes, i am. host: that will make a di
, owned by people out of europe, people out of america. it's a privately owned bank so. as far as keeping his job, he probably will. the federal reserve made $51 billion in profit in 2009. most people don't really understand that. but for the simple reason that they made more money and profit than exxon mobil did back in 2007. nobody's complaining about that. it's not really anything that he thooze worry about, because like i said, it's a privately run bank called the federal reserve, where we don't have to see their books. it doesn't really matter. he's going keep his job, because he turned a $51 billion profit. i think he's probably in safe hands. that's all i have to say. host: union, missouri, on our republican line. greg? caller: yeah, i think they ought to confirm ben bernanke. i think the other person they need to look at is tim geithner. we need to you'd i am him. he is aware of what the bonuses are about. he led them get the bonuses, and also, a.i.g., we need to look into that. host: what are your reasons for having mr. bernanke reconfirmed? caller: oh, i think he's got some stab
just think it's time we accept the fact that america is still a racist country. and let's deal with it solve problems and try to make life better for everybody. thank you, sir. host: thank you for the call. matt in long island. rick in virginia? caller: good morning. yes, well just to repeat the last two callers. america is still a very racist place. i think that up until we as americans, finally come to grips that they're still running everything, they're going to bring up these subjects. just to make they're situation stronger which is, no matter what party your from that the white man can change it to keep the black man down. host: story also this morning in the las vegas sun. this is on the website. harry reed's latest gap reveals when it could hurt against harry reed seeking re-election this year. good morning. republican line? caller: good morning. i just wanted to point out to people, there's a double standard here in the media. rush limbaugh used the word negro and he was widely disparaged for using it. prevented him in large part from owning ann fl team and when he
to default. there is no way -- people have an american dream and want to own a home. that is what america is all about. i. in a double wide home that is fortunately paid for. it is older. i am so proud that i have it. but for all these people they must have help. the bakers have got to help them. -- the bankers have got to help them. we will have a homeless society of renters. i was watching a documentary with the intimate or for the mac that there will be a rent-to-own program. host: the next caller is calling from carlsbad, california . caller: my heart agrees with the previous caller, but my head does not. two parties are concerned, the party giving you the money and the party by in the home and taking the money. it is an agreement on both sides. the bank makes the loan on the basis of the appraisal. therefore, they have a responsibility as much as the person making the loan has as to the value of that mortgage. and i think that our financial system in general is in a great deal of difficulty. money is a strange thing. host: patricia, ow are things in carlsbad? our most of your neighbo
in america to work in security. this is the same thing that bin laden said he would do to destroy us, financially. and every time something happens like this, we find ways to spend more and more billions of dollars. and it's not going to stop it. and we need to learn why these people hate us, and it's because we are in these people's country. and we need stop this, this will get out of hand. we have lots of muslims here in the united states. host: thank you for calling us, our twitter address is this twitter, it's a huge problem for you. and even when you pack items, a bomb appraisal unit had to exam a bag. we encourage passengers to think about what they are wearing that could cause a security incident. but preparing for security measures, the t.s.a. hasn't been vague about what added measures of security. passengers should be prepared but we can't say what they are. the stepped security will be most obvious for security checkpoints and those will be checked twice. melvin, what had your experience like? caller: i haven't had much experience but it's good. i had
was fine. the public had not given any assistance to obama to get his agenda done. he wants to put america back to work. i hope the democrats [unintelligible] can work as a team. the republican party is a party of no. they have to stop blocking the issues. host: by working kitchens, bars, and sidewalks, what has positioned the rising tide over taxes, unemployment, and washington. the frustration is evident among independents who account for fully half of massachusetts voters by registration. our next call is from boston, mass., an independent, go ahead. caller: i will be voted for joseph kennedy in the third party libertarian ticket. he has been getting not much attention but has done well in debates and is getting more publicity. i can see the excitement with brown. there is a lot of discontent in massachusetts when it comes to the romney-care, which is what it's called. he wants to mandate all massachusetts residents to have health insurance and financial penalties that along with that. there is a massive debt that massachusetts is in as a result of that. that is the same model that has
, and there are many people right here in america who are unemployed, people who need jobs, and i feel that he should concentrate on taking care of the american people first. host: that is the headline in "the wall street journal" and "the new york times." it says -- host: new york city, luis, independent line. the trustee secretary will be testifying about what he knew about aig and that will be at 10:00 a.m. eastern time live on c-span3. also testifying as former treasury secretary hank paulson. we will have live coverage on c- span3, oversight of federal aid to aig. go-ahead, independent line. caller: please, i am a little nervous. give me a chance to explain myself. i would like for the president to come out and not ask any more but to demand that the republicans and a republic -- democrats pass the senate health bill. we, the people, we need it. you have not had any help from the democratic party. in fact, so many of them ran for president and lost, they don't want to see you succeed, either. please tell them if they don't, we the people -- they will not be there the next. massachusetts, massach
goals, 1963. compare the goals of the communists to take over america with the political party platform of the democrats. you will see that all of those objecting to the total world government under the united nations has been fulfilled. you can read what our founding fathers believed was the principle that this country was founded on. that is what the base of the gop stands for. host: one more thing about the budget, he added there were plans to slash future shortfalls with employees hitting the brakes. -- the brakes." going to our next caller, democratic line, westhaven, connecticut. host: -- caller: good morning. i think that our problem is not the gop, generally speaking, our democratic. all of this fiasco started when, as an example, i voted for president obama. changes, corrections. he wanted to propose $300 billion to small business to create jobs. what everyone is forgetting, originally, when president bush announced a $750 billion stimulus package that would go to banks and so forth, some groups suggested -- why not give every family 100,000, $125,000 to $150,000 m of families
watch and see what will be. unfortunately, people in america don't realize it's the true picture in the middle east. not just saudi arabia but all middle east. host: where are you from originally? caller: i was born in egypt but i fought against russia in afghanistan and i don't realize all this is political to me. the problem truly believe me is the leader in those country. presidents are not for democracy. host ho thanks with the call. this weekend "new york times," a list of reuben writing in a clear signal the president karzai can't count on parliaments report. most of his nominees expressed discontent with the candidates competence. the "new york times" says 17 were rejected and 17 approved. all but one are currently cabinet ministers the president's office had no comment on friday. they said the news conference would be held today. the effect where is difficult to predict it's he'll try to make recess appointments once the parliament leads for the winter break but there's a deep divide between the president and parliament and could leave a number of ministry as drift unde
. the concerns on the part of the government is they do not want to be perceived as being a puppet of america or too weak to handle al qaeda on its own. you c in the local press here that the government is trying to publicly downplayed this relationship to the u.s. for instance today i was at a press conference with a dr., the deputy prime minister in charge of security and defense and he clearly sent a message that human does not want any u.s. troops on its territory. host: well, thank you. i know the situation is in flux. we appreciate your update. the country for the past two weeks has gone to all of america's front pages. we look forward to three more in the weeks ahead. he is the foreign correspondent for "the washington post." let's turn back to the discussion about the u.s. senate. life here is another headline. they looking at a loss of senator joe biden to the vice presidency and the announcement by those will not seek reelection, and the death of senator kennedy. it is looking at the years of seniority that they brought to the senate. hess, a longtime washington fixtures said in the
the american people the principal and interest. it is totally insane. since 1913, america has been just ripped off by this entire system. this has got to stop. that is why we need men like ron paul or jim traffic can't or somebody to put a stop to this once and for all -- jim traficant. host: south carolina, fred on our democrats line. caller: i don't understand why this administration or anyone can make a comment about this because when it was little timmy tax cheat geithner who made the rules to make sure his buddies on wall street were taken care of. host: on tim geithner, the report that representative beryl issa from california sunday night lashed out at the federal reserve bank of new york by limits -- for lifting the disclosure during the bailout of american international group. it showed the new dark said it aims to limit exposure of tens of million dollars of payments related to derivatives transactions. timothy geithner, who was head of the new york fed at the time has come under scrutiny. one of the most controversial parts of the government bailout effort. the indianapolis, good mo
matters." above all, we act for a very simple reason -- in times of tragedy, the united states of america steps forward and helps. that is who we are. the question is, how long? will be a long-term commitment for haiti? florida, republican line, good morning. caller: i feel the government should stay out of anything like this. the government got involved in health care and let the private market take care of it. host: who in the private market would fund the best? caller: you have welfare agencies, you have the salvation army, you have the red cross, all these agencies and people sending in money. the government should stay out of something like this. they ought to stay out of health care and stay out of desperatth. host: silver spring, maryland, you're next. caller: that guy did not know what he was talking about. we have to stay in haiti. become -- the country is completely destroyed. they need help. right now, they are doing a good job. a lot of countries all over the world are doing a good job. we should stay for a longer time over there. one thing about massachusetts, the democrats w
to the polls and vote. that would be a big boost if they had that in america. it would take the money out of politics and i believe the corporations would not have a stranglehold on the american people. that is my opinion. host: pittsburgh, pa., on our independent line -- caller: all these people are calling and saying this has to be changed. it will never happen because the people in power to make the rules. we as the people have lost the power. unfortunately, one of these days, you'll come to the realization out there that there is only one with this government will give up that power and that is for you to take it back. it was given to you in the constitution. all this garbage about putting in a lot of or another, the government will not give this power of bypassing those laws that you want. there is only one white. you'll come to that realization one dead. that is to take it from them. one day that will happen in this country because we keep going down hill and you have an in- depth congress. it is really a shame, thank you. host: harold ford has his picture in the pages of "the new y
america was really feeling he came to the right. and he told everybody, he said he could be our president too, but he hasn't tried to be our president on the right. it just forced us through no matter how we felt and it's turned people off. because he told us - when he was running that he would run and help us and run in the middle but he hasn't. he turned all the way to the left. put special deals in and all those dollars in which he has no business doing. and he's down lot of stuff to harm our country stins since the day he walked. democrats shut their eyes and think e we can do what we want because we have the power. host: did you vote? who did you support. caller: obama. host: who did you vote in the election this year? guest: the guy that won. for people to get jobs back they shut their eyes to everything and said we got the power so we're going to push what we want. host: julie, what would you like to see them do? caller: well he don't have to stand up there every day and cuss the banks and talk about all the stuff that's - anybody that makes any money or anything he puts them
, no one brought an amendment. all they're talking about is that the bill would not work for america. host: phillipsburg, new jersey, on the independent line. caller: i believe there should be transparency here. i watched the british parliament on tv quite a bit. they cannot seem to have any problems airing out issues in front of the tv. yes, there will necessarily be grandstanding and backdoor deals. the lobbyists in this country have way too much say. money really runs the thing. host: from "the wall street journal" -- to speed up the process president obama and top democrats agree to a formal conference committee to merge the bills in a series of private meetings between senate and house democrats. the plan to use the more moderate senate version as the vehicle for the final bill and allow the house to amend it. new iberia, on the democrats' line. caller: i generally agree with as much open government as possible. the grandstanding factor is also problematic. many things that people invited c-span to represent -- there is no fact-checking. you can see that politicfact can check, and i d
/11 was an inside job. the people of america, wake up. this guy is a joke. host: we are going to stop you there. concerns about the commission went washing the problems. guest: in the anger that you just expressed it is the same thing that all lot of people who testified the other day did not understand. the american people are mad as hell at what happened. they have been very personally affected today. more than one of of 10 americans looking for a job cannot find one. we are in the deepest financial hole we have been, and for many americans, in a lifetime. one of the responsibilities of this commission will be to channel that anger into constructive action. we are not prosecutors, district attorney's, so we cannot take someone and throw them in jail. we will be meeting with somebody today who does have that power, and i would like for you to listen to see if, on the criminal side, that amount of of rage is being expressed. our job is to diagnose the problem for the purposes of the president and congress, in the hopes that they can use the information we find, as the basis for prescribing some
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